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We can made different kinds of accessory such as beanie, scarf, sock, headband, gloves and so on. The gauge is from 1.5GG to 16GG. All knit machines are bought from Germany named STROLL. The knit piece is with high qualty and high productive capacity.

About Us

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  • Changshun Chuanggu Wisdom Park, No. 27, Jinxing Road, Jinfeng Town, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
  • +86-15851636361
  • [email protected]
Production Capacity

The production capacity for our factory
is more than 1000000 pcs per year.

We have many automatic machines. Higher production efficiency, shorter lead times and ensuring high quality.

◎Auto-matic cutting machine
◎Auto-matic waistband sewing machine
◎Auto-matic heat transfer printing machine
◎Active seam machines and
◎Larger numbers of professional 4 needles 6 threads flatlock sewing machines from Japan Yamato etc


Flatlock Sewing Machine

◎ Seams smooth, neal, clean, no edges
◎ YAMATO brand imported from Japan
◎ Machine performance is stable
◎ Seams are strong, stretchable and soft to skin (no chafing on skin)

Automatic sewing
waistband machine

◎ Automatic orientation
◎ Automatic cutting with same strength, stable measurement
◎ Automatic sewing, seam is perfect smooth and perfect seams
◎ High production quantity, stable performance

Waistband Sewing Machine

◎ Even seams
◎ No edges
◎ Even seams
◎ No edges

High-efficiency Heat
Transfer Print Machine