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We can made different kinds of accessory such as beanie, scarf, sock, headband, gloves and so on. The gauge is from 1.5GG to 16GG. All knit machines are bought from Germany named STROLL. The knit piece is with high qualty and high productive capacity.

About Us

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  • Changshun Chuanggu Wisdom Park, No. 27, Jinxing Road, Jinfeng Town, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
  • +86-15851636361
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Huayu Sustainability

We care about the environment

From the beginning, we have chosen wool, an environment-friendly material, as the clothing material.

Less energy and
water consumption

To make 100 sweaters, wool uses 18% less energy than polyester and nearly 70% less water than cotton

No plastic particles,
less landfill

Wool is made up of keratin, is 100% biodegradable and does not cause microplastic pollution in our oceans or on land

Fibers with high recycling
and recovery rates

Wool is a natural, renewable and biodegradable material. It is the most reusable and recycled fiber on Earth

Excellent Hardware
Equipment Configuration

We have many automatic machines.
Higher production efficiency,
shorter lead times and ensuring high quality.

Standard and Complete
Management Process

The process of management consists of planning, organizing,
staffing, directing, controlling and evaluating

our services

Fit into any wardrobe as a great base layer

Good for outdoor sports-keeping you warm when cold,and cool when warm





feels soft

Ordor &
ordor prevention


& Cool

Easy to

Great Design & Function

By only using finest quality merino wool,our garments are designed to :
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Soft to Skin
Merino wool is known to be gentle and soft to skin,and offers an exceptional level of comfort that all of you will love to wear.
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Easy to Care for
All our merino wool products can be washed at 40 degrees on gentle cycle.No need for complicated hand washing. Also,it dries quickly,is stain resistant and does not require ironing.
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We are proud that all our merino wool products meet the criteria of the EU Standard,which is a guarantee that the clothes do not contain harmful chemicals and ensures that the production impact on the environment is minimal.
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Odor Resistant
Merino wool Contains lanolin,which has antibacterial properties,resulting in reduced body odor.This means that the garments can be worn for a considerable amount of time before it needs to be washed.