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We can made different kinds of accessory such as beanie, scarf, sock, headband, gloves and so on. The gauge is from 1.5GG to 16GG. All knit machines are bought from Germany named STROLL. The knit piece is with high qualty and high productive capacity.

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Five reasons to wear merino wool underwear all year round


As the weather gradually warms up, you may have started to pack up some of your Merino wool clothing to replace summer cotton and linen substitutes. But there should be at least one Merino wool style, so your wool underwear won’t be squeezed out at any time of the year.


Wool cannot retain moisture, so it will quickly dry out. If you are looking for underwear that won’t sweat in warm temperatures or during exercise, Merino wool underwear will make you drier than cotton. Now, there is no way to decorate it. Wool underwear is more expensive than underwear made of cotton or synthetic fibers, but it is durable. The Merino wool used in our product is very soft and does not itch. It is hypoallergenic and an environmentally sustainable material. Due to their lightweight, fast drying, and easy cleaning, they are perfect for packing for summer travel.


Here are five reasons why Merino underwear is worth it:


Good moisture absorption: It is a sturdy natural material that performs well in absorbing moisture from the body, keeping the skin dry and frictionless.

Climate control: The weight of Merino wool is very insulated. This means it feels very thin, but it insulates better than thick cotton. Therefore, in colder conditions, you will feel warmer (even if the fabric is wet). On the contrary, in a warm climate, you won’t feel so hot.

Odor free: Wool has natural resistance to bacteria that cause odors, which helps to maintain odor free even after several days of continuous wear. Ordinary fabrics, such as cotton or synthetic fibers, will start emitting unpleasant odors after you sweat.

Durable: Merino wool has almost seven times the durability of cotton. After your cotton underwear is loose, your wool underwear will still accompany you for a long time.

Comfort: Our underwear styles are designed with your comfort in mind and have been tested to ensure they are completely non itchy. They are made of the best ultra-fine merino wool to ensure they are the most comfortable underwear you have.