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We can made different kinds of accessory such as beanie, scarf, sock, headband, gloves and so on. The gauge is from 1.5GG to 16GG. All knit machines are bought from Germany named STROLL. The knit piece is with high qualty and high productive capacity.

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Why do we like wool products?


We like wool! That’s because it’s an awe inspiring natural product with completely unique characteristics. Did you know that wool is also particularly suitable for wearing close to the body?

The era when wool meant prickly sweaters and itchy underwear is long gone. With new wool, knitting methods, and the ingredients of wool clothing, you can now wear wool close to your body – without worrying about it itching. Wearing wool close to the body has several benefits:


Wool has good warmth retention

Firstly, wool is a 100% natural material that provides excellent insulation even when wet. So you can rest assured that wearing a Merino wool and other base coat set will make you feel warm and comfortable – even in cold and humid weather.


Wool makes your body breathe

Wool is a breathable fiber, which means it can also help your skin breathe. Good ventilation ensures that sweat evaporates from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. This makes wool very suitable for wearing during your activities, as it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. It can prevent you from getting too hot or sweating too much.


Wool absorbs moisture and wicks sweat

Thirdly, wool is very good at absorbing moisture from the skin. Wool can absorb 30% of its own weight of moisture without feeling damp or affected. This makes wool an ideal choice for clothing worn on the skin, especially when you sweat a lot. By absorbing moisture from the skin, sweat does not get wet or damp. This means that even during high-intensity activities, you can stay dry and comfortable.


Wool also has natural antibacterial properties, which means that wool clothing will not have unpleasant odors, even if you have worn them several times without cleaning them. If you cannot always wash clothes when traveling or hiking, this will be a great advantage.

We like wool!

In addition to warmth, ventilation, and moisture wicking, wool is also durable and easy to handle. This means that your wool clothes can be worn for many years without deformation or quality degradation, and only require minimal care. It is beneficial for your wallet, especially for the environment.


Therefore, no wonder we believe that wool is an excellent material for personal wear, whether you are training or playing. Next time you’re looking for close fitting clothes, don’t forget to consider wool!